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Helping You Return to Running

The VCU RUN LAB provides expertise using the most advanced technology to return you to running after an injury or assess your running for performance enhancement or protection from future injury. Blaise Williams, PT, Ph.D., director of the VCU RUN LAB, is considered one of few international clinical experts in running research and treatment. Dr. Williams works closely with physicians, physiologists and nutritionists to determine your individual deficits and prescribe appropriate interventions for your running. The assessment consists of a detailed running history, measures of flexibility strength and alignment, and a 3-D gait analysis. With more than 20 years of research and clinical gait analysis experience, the VCU RUN LAB is the national leader in running analysis. Appointments can be made through the VCU Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Clinic at (804) 828-1122. Clinical gait analysis can be billed through insurance with a physician’s referral.