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Our treatment plans build on evidenced-based care

A starting point for many treatment plans is the use of FDA-approved medications — hydroxyurea and endari — that can improve your quality of life. Since sickle cell disease affects different patients in different ways, we create individual treatment plans. Treatment plans can include:

  • Monitored use of pain medication to ease day-to-day suffering
  • Chronic blood transfusions every 4-6 weeks
  • Bone marrow transplants, for patients whose disease meets certain criteria

We help you navigate a network of services

Caring for your medical needs is only part of what we do. Our care team includes nurses, social workers and counselors who help you handle the day-to-day of living with sickle cell.

  • Patient navigators who specialize in sickle cell care can provide in-home visits and walk you through your treatment plan. They also help with access to food, clothing, shelter, medical appointments, prescription refills and social support.
  • Prescription medications are critical to your treatment. We help with prescriptions and getting authorizations for insurance companies.

We provide a lifetime of support

Our Transition Program helps pediatric sickle cell patients transition to adult care. Led by a clinical social worker, the program focuses on quality-of-life issues. This program includes:

  • Educational and career guidance and resources
  • Readiness assessments to support you in preparing for adulthood
  • Peer mentoring allows you to learn how others cleared similar hurdles
  • A support group of patients ages 14 to 25

Our clinical trials are looking for treatments and cures

We’re involved in pioneering national research to find new treatments and cures for sickle cell disease. We lead our own studies, and conduct clinical trials for emerging drugs and their delivery, gene editing and stem-cell treatments.

For questions about sickle cell research and clinical trials, contact:

Shirley Johnson
Research Program Coordinator
(804) 628-2627