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Shoulder and Elbow

Disorders of the shoulder and elbow are very common, and occur across all age ranges. These conditions run the spectrum from overuse injuries to acute trauma. Our fellowship trained shoulder and elbow surgeons specialize in the management of these conditions, many of which may be treated without surgery.

Our goal, whether through nonoperative or operative treatment, is restoration of mobility, stability and pain-free shoulder and elbow function. For those patients who require surgery, our surgeons have extensive experience in the operative management of shoulder disorders including dislocations, rotator cuff disease, frozen shoulder, arthritis and fractures, as well as in the management of elbow problems including tennis elbow, elbow instability, the stiff elbow, elbow arthritis, nerve entrapment and elbow trauma. Options for operative treatment may range from arthroscopy to total joint replacement of the shoulder or elbow, including the reverse total shoulder.

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