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Patient Stories about the Comprehensive Critical Care They Received at VCU Medical Center

If these walls could talk, what stories would they tell? They would speak of overcoming impossible odds, pushing the limits for everyone. They would speak of success for patients who were given very little chance of success. They would speak of Central Virginia’s only comprehensive academic medical center. They would speak of complex high end critical care from unmatched centers of excellence. They would speak of patients who believed VCU Medical Center was their best chance for survival. And within every story we would feel their eternal gratitude.

Candi Spraggins

Poster of Candi Spraggins' Story
Candi discusses her accident and what it's like surviving when no one thought she would.

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Cole Snydor

Poster of Cole Snydor's Story
Cole educates teens about the importance of safety


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Hunter Stevens

Poster of Hunter Stevens' Story
Meet Hunter Stevens brain and heart surgery patient


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Ellie Whelan

Poster of Ellie Whelan's Story


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Launa "Patsy" Logan

Poster of Patsy Logan's story
Patsy talks about what it’s like to be a heart transplant recipient.

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Bob Holdsworth

Poster of Bob Holdsworth's story
Bob talks about his diagnosis, treatment and life without cancer.

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Bruce Luongo

Image of Bruce Luongo & wife

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Mildred Thomas

Image of Mildred Thomas and staff

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Rebecca Balint

Image of Rebecca Balint

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Kaleb Graves

Image of Kaleb Graves

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Melissa Hurley

Image of Melissa Hurley

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Ciara Logan

Image of Ciara Logan

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William Pappadake

Image of William Pappadake

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Charlie Plaskon

Image of Charlie Plaskon on treadmill

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Palette Program

Image of young woman and senior woman dancing

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Hailey Lane

Image of Hailey Lane and mother

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Kyle Hannon

Image of Kyle Hannon and wife

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Tuwanda Crider

Image of Tuwanda Crider and mother

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