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VCU Health launches Home Hospital, the first hospital-at-home program in central Virginia

Home Hospital provides hospital-level care from the comfort of your home.

Graphic showing a doctor and patient speaking to each other virtually to demonstrate how VCU Health Home Hospital works Home Hospital is a new VCU Health program that allows patients to receive acute, hospital-level care from within the comfort of their homes. (VCU Enterprise Marketing and Communications)

By Danielle Pierce

VCU Health has a new program that will allow patients to receive acute, hospital-level care from within the comfort of their homes. The Home Hospital program is the first of its kind in central Virginia and aims to serve nearly 2,000 patients during its first year.

Patients who would normally have needed to be in a hospital for acute care needs, such as sepsis, congestive heart failure or pneumonia, now have the option to receive the same level of care at home.

High quality, hospital care at home

Hospital-level medical care is provided through video and remote patient monitoring, with a physician overseeing patients in the program. Acute care nurses and other staff will also visit patients in-person. They will be available around the clock to support patients and their families by making sure services and supplies, like oxygen, are delivered directly to the patients' doorsteps.

Improving patient experience and outcomes

Studies have shown hospital-at-home programs can improve a patient’s care experience and their health outcomes. Known benefits include reduced mortality, faster recovery and fewer readmissions to the hospital, among others.

Additionally, hospital-at-home programs are also considered a cost-effective alternative to hospital stays, which also contributes to more satisfactory experiences for patients.

VCU Health leads the way for home health care solutions

Over the past several years, the demand has increased for home-based health care solutions. VCU Health has been a leader in the commonwealth in responding to this need. In addition to Home Hospital, VCU Health patients currently benefit from multiple VCU Health at Home options, including home-based primary care, primary and specialty telehealth appointments, remote patient monitoring as well as skilled home health and hospice care.

Patients and their families interested in learning more about the program should speak with their care team. For more information about Home Hospital, visit https://www.vcuhealth.org/services/home-hospital.

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