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VCU Health CMH Welcomes New Board Member

Mike Rowe, New Board Member

VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital in South Hill is pleased to announce the newest member of the CMH Board of Directors, Mike Rowe.  Rowe is the Vice President of BCC Mortgage Solutions and has been a resident of Clarksville, Virginia for the past 21 years. 


Rowe started out as a bank teller while attending Longwood University and 40 years later he is still helping people with their banking needs.  “I still love it, the local bank is where you really get to know your customers, help the local economy, and give back to the community.  This fits more with my own outlook and beliefs,” said Rowe.


Members leaving the board this year are Nelson Baird of Brunswick County, Dr. David Brown of VCU Health CMH and John Lee of Mecklenburg County.  The CMH Board and hospital administration would like to thank Mr. Baird, Dr. Brown and Mr. Lee for volunteering their time to the Board as they were all vital in the many positive changes that occurred at CMH over the past nine years.


The officers of the CMH Board of Directors for this year are:  Chairman, Ms. Cindy H. Pecht representing Brunswick; Vice-Chairman, Mr. William E. “Billy” Wells, Jr. representing Mecklenburg; Treasurer, Mr. Jay Stafford representing Lunenburg, and Secretary, Mr. Paul Neimeyer with VCU Health. 


Other Board Members include: Clint Clary representing Brunswick; Cecil Shell representing Lunenburg; Kendele Underwood and Billy Wilkinson representing Mecklenburg; and Mr. Ron Clark, Dr. David Chelmow, Ms. Melinda Hancock and Dr. Tom Yackel representing VCU Health.  Legal Counsel is provided by Mr. Paul Neimeyer with VCU Health; Dr. Desi Rimon represents the CMH medical staff as the Chief of Staff and Kenny Pitts represents the CMH Auxiliary as the Auxiliary President.


The CMH Board of Directors is governed by 10 citizens of its service area and four representatives of VCU Health, the 14-member board of directors is comprised of both medical and non-medical individuals representing a wide array of businesses and professions. These dedicated volunteers along with VCU Health and CMH Administration share a fundamental belief that local communities are in the best position to identify and meet local health care needs. 


The CMH Board of Directors represent our service areas of Brunswick, Lunenburg, and Mecklenburg counties.  In general, each member serves three consecutive three-year terms; however, there is a provision for them to serve longer when necessary.  The Board sets policy, oversees the financial well-being of the hospital and is responsible for long-range planning.  In addition and most importantly, the Board is responsible for oversight of the quality, safety and service levels that patients receive at CMH and for approving the appointment of physicians and other licensed providers as members of the Medical Staff. 


The CMH Board of Directors volunteer their time and expertise to assure that our community, nonprofit hospital remains on a strong course for the future.  These Directors generously give of themselves, their time, experience and skills and in turn to their community to ensure that VCU Health CMH continues to enhance the health and well-being of the citizens of Southside Virginia and Northern North Carolina.