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VCU Health CMH Visitation Update

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused a temporary restriction of all visitation at VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital (VCU Health CMH) for the third surge. Considering the reduced incidence of COVID-19 in the region and much lower occurrence of COVID-positive patients at VCU Health CMH, they are adjusting their visitation policy. As of February 16, 2021, at 8:00 a.m., VCU Health CMH will allow restricted visitation, each day from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Please note that visitation at the emergency room and the Hundley Center are still suspended at this time.


General Visitation Rules

• All visitors must be screened and provided an armband.

• All visitors must be masked at all times.

• Visitors must comply with physical distancing guidelines in all common areas.

• If waiting areas become overcrowded, visitors should be directed to lobby waiting areas, outside or back to their cars.

• All visitors will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer upon entering the facility and frequently during their stay.

• If patient clinical needs dictate no visitors (i.e. chemotherapy), visitors may be redirected to waiting areas.



• We will allow 1 visitor per patient per day for all of our non-COVID patients.

• Labor and Delivery unit: 2 adult visitors (18 yrs. or older) at a time, allowing 1 to spend the night. No more than 2 visitors per day.

• Pediatric patients in all units: 1 adult (18 yrs. or older) visitor at a time, allowing 1 to spend the night. Parent/POA/guardian may trade off. No more than 2 visitors per day.

• Patients who are at the end of life: The number of visitors are determined by the patients’ care team.

• Special needs patients that require 24/7 assistance may have a caretaker stay with them if in the best interest of patient care.

To reach a patient, please dial (434) 584-****, followed by the four digits of the patient's room number.


Outpatients and C.A.R.E. Building Appointments

• Surgery patients may be accompanied by one adult companion.

• Patients arriving for doctor’s appointments, evaluation, or diagnostic or therapeutic procedures may be accompanied by one adult companion.


Emergency Department

• Due to the high risk zone in the Emergency Department, visitors will not be allowed. All visitors should be directed back to their vehicles or outside location.


Hundley Center

• Visitors are not allowed at this time.


It is very important that all visitors maintain appropriate physical distancing in all waiting areas.  The health and safety of all patients and staff will continue to be of the utmost importance as we move forward through this pandemic.