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VCU Health CMH Team Member of the Month

Ashton Carter Employee of the Month for July 2020

Being nice is a habit that comes naturally to Ashton Carter, cardiac monitor tech at VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital.

And when people say nice people finish last, just tell them they are wrong. Ashton finished first in voting for the July STAR Service Team Member of the Month at CMH.

Ashton was nominated by April Hayes and Tracy Evans in Acute Care for her kindness and professionalism.

A co-worker of Ashton said, “I was sitting one on one with a patient and she (Ashton) was the only person who checked on me and relieved me. She is always smiling and eager to help. If it’s a task she can do, she does it, or will find someone to help. She is a perfect representation of CMH.”

Mellisa A. Black DNP, RN, MS, CCRN, NE-BC, said, “Ashton is a role model for STAR Service. She is always ready to do whatever it takes to make sure our team and patients get the best care.”

Ashton moved from the CMH Family Dental Clinic to her current position as a cardiac monitor tech.  She made this move to pursue more education to reach her goal one day, which is to be a respiratory therapist.

“It is easier to work my class schedule around three 12-hour shifts,” she said with her ever-present smile. “But it (the new job) also proved to me that what I wanted to be really is a respiratory therapist.”

Originally from Buffalo Junction, Ashton has been at CMH for nearly two years. She and husband, Nick, are expecting a son in December.

Besides her STAR pin and award, Ashton gets a special parking tag that allows her to park wherever she chooses for the month of August and a $40 gift card.

Others nominated in July were Dr. Indu Shivaram from Pulmonology and Lyda Ingram, an Emergency Department tech.