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VCU Health CMH Team Member of the Month for August - Sandra Pearce

VCU Health CMH Team Member of the Month for August - Sandra Pearce

Todd Howell, Vice President of Professional Services, VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital presented Sandra Pearce, Respiratory Therapist, the VCU Health CMH STAR Service Team Member of the Month Award for August.  There to congratulate Sandra was Donna Jarrell, Director of Rehab Services and Mike Simmons, Respiratory Manager along with others from the Respiratory team.

Sandra has been helping patients with respiratory issues at VCU Health CMH for more than 33 years.  The nomination form submitted on her behalf stated, “As Sandra was helping a nurse with a COVID-19 patient, she displayed compassion and great teamwork while keeping a focus on safety.  Sandra went above and beyond to make sure the patient was cared for while also helping the nurse complete multiple tasks without hesitation.” When asked what words of wisdom she would give other employees, Sandra stated, “I have always followed the golden rule of do unto others as you would have them do unto you, which was told to me by my grandmother."  Sandra also added, “I am very appreciative that I was nominated and chosen for this award.”  Sandra is married, has two children and in her spare time she enjoys cooking and spending time with her grandchildren.  

In addition to the “star” award, Sandra received a STAR Service lapel pin, letter of commendation from Administration, a $40 gift certificate, and a parking place of her choice for the month.