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VCU Health CMH Auxiliary Annual Awards 2020


CMH Auxiliary members are currently not volunteering because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t had an impact this year.  If you’ve ever been inside a hospital—as a patient, family member, or friend—you’ve probably been assisted by an Auxilian. Perhaps he or she helped you make a selection in the gift shop, or gave you directions to a patient’s room, or comforted you as you waited to hear the outcome of a loved one’s surgery. 

VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital in South Hill is fortunate to have the wonderful support of a large team of volunteers through the Hospital's Auxiliary.  VCU Health CMH volunteers provide service, support and good cheer for patients, visitors and staff, and help complete the hospital community.

Perhaps in no other industry is volunteering more vital than in health care.  Each year, these dedicated volunteers make valuable contributions to VCU Health CMH through countless hours of service to patients and the hospital with donations that strengthen health care services for the community. 

The Auxiliary holds fund-raisers throughout the year to help support its programs and services. Their main source of funds is from the “Fish Bowl” Gift Shop.  Each year, the Auxiliary makes a generous donation to the hospital on behalf of its fundraising efforts. From these funds raised Kenny Pitts, Auxiliary President, presented VCU Health CMH CEO, W. Scott Burnette with a $33,000 check. This donation goes toward the Auxiliary’s $225,000 pledge to VCU Health CMH’s “Healthcare for Life” capital campaign. Also pictured was (L to R) Charlene Gray, First Vice President; Becky Waters,Treasurer; Will Woodall, Second Vice President; Ruth Reams, Past President; and Nancy Bradshaw, Recording Secretary.

Each year, the CMH Auxiliary holds an awards banquet but because of COVID-19 that was cancelled this year.  A short ceremony in front of the hospital is where the awards presentation took place and the Lou Saunders Award of Excellence, the Auxiliary’s highest honor, was awarded to Charlene Gray.  The Lou Saunders award was established in 2010 and named after longtime CMH Auxiliary volunteer, Lou Saunders. Charlene is a previous Auxiliary President and recently served on the Auxiliary Executive Committee as the First Vice President. Charlene joined the CMH Auxiliary in 2005 and has logged more than 9,698 hours of service.  Other volunteers nominated this year for the award were Nancy Bradshaw and Larry Minter.

VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital Auxiliary 2020/2021 Officers –  Kenny Pitts, President; Will Woodall, First Vice President; Darleen Ferguson, Second Vice President; Becky Waters, Treasurer; Nancy Bradshaw, Recording Secretary; Jean Zembower, Corresponding Secretary.