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VCU Health announces new resource to help you find your way around downtown campus

Way Finder maps out your journey, from home to doctor’s office. 

VCU Health, MCV campus, at night

VCU Health is dedicated to improving your experience. Earlier this year, we opened the VCU Health Adult Outpatient Pavilion, consolidating 26 specialties under one roof and adding 1,000 parking spaces. 

But our downtown campus can be difficult to navigate. That’s why we now offer Way Finder, a new navigation tool to help you get to your destination quickly. It has animated maps and step-by-step instructions, and is helpful whether you are driving, walking, taking public transit or even using a rideshare service. 

Easy navigation of our downtown campus 

Way Finder gives you directions for eight VCU Medical Center buildings, including:

  • VCU Health’s Adult Outpatient Pavilion and parking deck.
  • VCU Medical Center’s Ambulatory Care Center.
  • Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU outpatient pavilion and parking deck, VCU Medical Center’s Critical Care Hospital, Gateway Building, Main Hospital, Nelson Clinic and North Hospital.
  • VCU Medical Center's patient and visitor parking deck, located near the corner of 12th and Leigh streets.

You can use the Way Finder app online or download it on your cell phone and tables via the Google Play and the App Store (iOS).

Turn-by-turn directions, even inside our hospitals and clinics

From home, simply type in your address for driving instructions and Way Finder will suggest parking based on where your appointment is located. When using the Way Finder mobile app indoors on campus, you will have easy-to-follow walking directions with animated walking routes throughout VCU Medical Center. Get turn-by-turn directions right to your destination by following the blue dot as it helps you see where you are and how to get to your appointment.

Unlike Google Maps, the Way Finder app doesn’t just guide you to your building but through the floors and hallways of each building, helping you find the exact clinic or unit of your appointment.

Our Way Finder app even lets you save your locations. This feature can help you find where you parked when it’s time to go home.    

VCU Health Way Finder is free and doesn’t track any of your personal information.

Learn more about the Way Finder app at www.vcuhealth.org/wayfinder.

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