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Learn More about Vaccines

A girl gets a vaccination

Want to learn more about vaccines, how they work to protect you from disease, and if they are  safe? The VCU Medical Center Health and Wellness Library has put together a library guide with information about vaccinations.

Vaccinations or “shots” are important for everyone’s health. Vaccines are a way to protect yourself from diseases such as polio, measles, the flu, mumps, and other diseases. 

In the Vaccination Guide, there is information about how vaccines work, how vaccines are made, why they are safe, when you should get vaccinated, and the diseases from which you are protecting yourself. You can also find local resources that offer free vaccinations.

Giving vaccines to children can be tough, so there is a section for parents to learn how to make the vaccination experience better for their children. There is also information about which vaccines babies need to receive and why.

COVID-19 vaccines are still being tested to see if they are safe and effective for the public. There is a link to a list of clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines and other information about the development of COVID-19 vaccines in the guide.

To view the Vaccine Library Guide, go to: https://guides.library.vcu.edu/vaccination

For more information about vaccines, visit us on the ground floor of the VCU Health Gateway Building in room G-112, follow us on Facebook, or email us at healthlibrary@vcuhealth.org.