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Sonographer joins VCU Health Women’s Health at South Hill

Patients will benefit from our new team member’s expertise as well as more convenient appointments.

A lady wearing a black medical uniform poses next to an ultrasound machine. Patients benefit from expertise, convenience and quicker appointment times with Amy Byrd, registered diagnostic medical sonographer at VCU Health Women’s Health at South Hill. (VCU Enterprise Marketing and Communications)

One of the joys of motherhood is seeing the first image of your baby growing inside you. All the anxiety, questions and uncertainties melt away as you see this new life and hear their heartbeat.

“My favorite part of my job is when first-time moms see the first ultrasound,” said Amy Byrd, registered diagnostic medical sonographer at VCU Health Women’s Health Services at South Hill. “It’s a moment they’ll remember forever.”

Byrd graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University and has 11 years of experience in ultrasound and maternal fetal medicine. She obtained a credential in fetal echocardiography, so she is able to detect heart defects before the baby is born.

Pregnant people usually see Byrd during the first trimester dating ultrasound, anatomy survey and growth scans. If a patient has gestational diabetes, they may get scans every 4 to 6 weeks. High-risk pregnancies receive weekly scans or even two times a week, depending on the situation.

In addition, she also conducts ultrasounds for gynecology patients for pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding and post-menopausal bleeding.

Patients don’t have to leave the clinic to get their ultrasounds. They are completed in a room dedicated for this purpose in VCU Health Women’s Health at South Hill.

“A lot of our patients have transportation issues and if they had to drive to Richmond, they would opt out of care altogether,” Byrd said.

With Byrd joining the team at VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital, OB-GYNs who ran the scans before are able to see more patients. That means patients can get in more quickly to see their OB-GYNs.

Byrd worked at VCU Medical Center in Richmond and moved to Boydton to be near the lake. She established connections with the maternal fetal medicine team there and keeps in touch for consulting with high-risk pregnancies. The past two years she worked in CMH’s radiology department until this position became available.

Many moms bring their babies back to meet Byrd when they’re in for follow up appointments. They describe Byrd as caring and sympathetic.

“I love working in a small community,” Byrd said. “Everyone is so nice and helpful. I love building a rapport with my patients and treating them as family. My patients are heartwarming and light up my day.”

To make an appointment at VCU Health Women’s Health at South Hill, call (434) 584-5567.