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Practicing mindfulness this holiday season

Family Holiday Shopping

We know the holiday season can bring a lot of joy, but also a lot of stress. So, we've created some tips to help you stay mindful during the next few weeks.

Accept imperfection

Protect your mental health. Try not to expect perfection in the holiday season. Instead, acknowledge that things may not go exactly as planned. Make the most of the holidays by remembering what really counts.

Don’t overspend

Sometimes good can be good enough. Navigate this holiday season stress free by making a spending plan to keep you from stretching yourself financially and help you stick to your budget. Finding the perfect gift does not always equal holiday success.

Treat yo self

With a little ‘me time’ and movement that is! Being mindful is more than just watching your wallet and monitoring your mental health. Physical activity is one of the best forms of self-love.

Staying active keeps the stress at bay, wards off symptoms of seasonal depression, and keeps your immune system strong. Make time for yourself. Avoid chaos and added stress by:

  • Going on a walk around your neighborhood or local park
  • Plan an evening to watch your favorite holiday movie
  • Order-in a meal from one of your favorite restaurants

Focus on gratitude and positivity

There’s plenty to be thankful for during the holiday season. Find pleasure in the small things and don’t judge yourself or others when things fall short. Be realistic and strive for personal satisfaction.


Are you glued to your phone? Too much screen time can have a toll on your mental and physical health by adding unwanted stress. Taking time away from your phone or other electronics allows you to connect with your loved ones around you.