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Move Day

PatientsArriving All patients were moved to the new hospital on Nov. 11th.

“As of 10:42 am, Saturday, November 11th we moved all 28 patients who were in the old VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital. We can also announce that we have received our first patients in the Emergency Department at the new hospital,” said Ken Kurz, Director of Marketing & Development at VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital and Public Information Officer for the hospital.

Also, according to Scott Burnette, CEO of VCU Health CMH, “the move went as smoothly as we had hoped. I am proud of our team.  We put an enormous amount of effort into this plan and that investment has paid dividends today. We also could not have accomplished what we accomplished today without the support of all the rescue squads here moving patients, the South Hill Police Department, the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office, the South Hill Fire Department and the VCU Police Department.”

There was a total of seven rescue squads: Boydton Life Saving Crew, Chase City Rescue, Alberta Fire, Victoria Rescue, Kenbridge Rescue, Greensville County Rescue, Lifestar, Southside and Central Rescue; who provided 11 ambulances and crews necessary to transport patients the two miles to the new hospital,” according to Roger Warden, Emergency Management Specialist at VCU Health CMH, who coordinated that component of the move.

The new hospital, according to Kurz saw its first Emergency Department patients Saturday morning before 10 am.

“We’re hoping that everyone knows that the new hospital and the Emergency Department is now open and they will go to the new VCU Health CMH at 1755 North Mecklenburg Avenue in South Hill,” he said.

Kurz said the first patient arrived at 7:33 am in their new hospital room on Saturday, November 11th.

Scott Burnette, CEO at VCU Health CMH, said, “We ushered in a new era of health care today with this patient move. It’s a culmination of years of hard work by the CMH board, our partners with VCU Health and, of course, our staff and volunteers. There were more than a few misty eyes when we announced at 10:42 that the old CMH was officially closed. A lot of fantastic work was done over the past 63 years inside those walls.”

Signage has gone up at the old VCU Health CMH indicating the hospital is closed.

Burnette also praised the staff for their preparations for the move.

“The move went flawlessly thanks to the extensive planning on the part of the patient transition committee.  To successfully move or discharge 30 patients in less than 4 hours was phenomenal!  We met all objectives for the move with ease,” he said. “I cannot adequately express to you all how proud I am of the stupendous team of healthcare professionals you all have proven yourselves to be.  Very few CEO’s have the privilege of working with such a great group of people and I am honored to serve in that role at CMH.”