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Inpatient COVID Testing Available at VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital

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The Laboratory at VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital received its COVID test supplies on Friday, April 10, 2020, giving the Lab the ability to test inpatients for the COVID-19 virus, according to Christina Duke, BS MLS (ASCP), Director of Laboratory Services.

Terri Pennell, MLS- Pathology Specialist Supervisor, Sarah Fox, MLT- Pathology Specialist, and Duke validated the molecular test for use on CMH’s inpatient population over the weekend. Arnette Davis, MT-Medical Technologist, was also trained on the test validation process. 

According to Duke, “Our team is excited to begin testing here at CMH, however our supplies are limited, therefore we can perform limited tests per day until additional supplies are secured. These test results are available in about an hour, but are being reserved for inpatients who are acutely ill with symptoms that make it appropriate to test for COVID.”

Duke also said that all tests for COVID-19 must be approved by Dr. Cathy Palmer, CMH’s Pathologist, who uses strict guidelines in determining who should receive the COVID test.

Prior to having the ability to test in-house, Duke said tests were collected and sent to either VCU Health in Richmond, LabCorp, or the Virginia Health Department. CMH will still use these providers until supplies are available to move all testing to CMH.

According the Rick Clary, Director of the Pharmacy at CMH, the hospital currently has an adequate supply of the drugs routinely being used to treat COVID-19 patients.