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An update on our COVID-19 vaccination plans


Audrey Roberson receives VCU Health's first COVID-19 vaccination. Audrey Roberson receives VCU Health's first COVID-19 vaccination. (Photo: Kevin Morley, University Marketing)

Updated April 19, 2021. Please note that this content is accurate as of the update date.

The state of Virginia has entered Phase 2 of vaccine distribution. Everyone 16 and older who lives or works in Virginia is now eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

For now, VCU Health continues to focus on vaccinating patients 16-64 with underlying medical conditions, as we still have a lot of patients in that category to vaccinate. We are prioritizing those who live in a community with a higher risk of COVID exposure based on community prevalence of COVID-19. 

We continue to offer the vaccine to eligible patients who are age 65 or older. To be considered a patient, you must have received care at one of our hospitals or clinics within the past three years.

What’s new?

Please do not call about COVID-19 vaccine appointments. We will directly contact patients who meet the above criteria either by phone or text to schedule an appointment. 

Community members will be contacted by the Health Hub at 25th when appointments become available in the order they were added to the wait list. Appointments are required and walk-ups will not be accepted. Contact the Health Hub at 25th by phone at (804) 827-2535 or by email at covid19vaccineinfo@vcuhealth.org to register. 

We are currently using the two-dose Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. We will tell you which vaccine you’ll receive when we schedule your appointment. Each of the two-dose vaccines is safe and effective. You cannot choose your vaccine.

We are committed to a zero-waste policy. Depending on vaccine supply, we may offer vaccination appointments to eligible patients at the point of scheduling a non-vaccine-related appointment.

Immuno-compromised patients may need to follow a different vaccine protocol. Please consult your doctor for more information.  

It is our mission to serve all sectors of the community.

This includes a deep commitment to protecting our most vulnerable community members. Through a partnership with the Richmond City and Henrico County Health Districts, we are offering the vaccine through our community vaccination clinic at the VCU Health Hub at 25th, located in Richmond’s East End.

Contact the Health Hub at 25th by phone at (804) 827-2535 or by email at covid19vaccineinfo@vcuhealth.org. Community members will be contacted when appointments become available in the order they were added to the wait list.

Registering for the vaccine

Your pharmacy or local health district may be able to offer you a vaccination appointment sooner than we can. Please visit the Commonwealth of Virginia vaccine registration system to sign up. Take the first appointment offered — whether its through VCU Health, our community vaccination clinic or the state registration system.

For more information

For a variety of news and information on COVID-19, and how VCU Health is keeping patients safe, please visit our COVID-19 News Center

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