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CMH Family Dental Clinic Update

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In-person clinic visits are now an option again at the CMH Family Dental Clinic of VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital.  Established patients are welcomed back for all their routine dental care to include dental x-rays, six month check ups and cleanings, fillings, root canals, crowns and surgical procedures.  The dental clinic will begin to welcome new patients as well.

To ensure your safety, appointment times and schedules have been modified to allow dental clinic staff to follow infection control practices recommended by the CDC and State Medical and Dental authorities.  Some of these modifications include:  allowing more time for cleaning in between patients; more detailed patient screening; social distancing practices; more frequent hand washing; and wearing masks. 


There is a temporary hold on procedures that create air mist and aerosols, and the dental clinic is using only hand instruments and avoiding any motorized instruments. 


CMH Family Dental Clinic dentist, Dr. Natasha Grover stated, "While we appreciate everybody's patience while waiting to get scheduled, our established patients are the highest priority for scheduling. We encourage any existing patient to call us if they feel they need to be seen and we will move up their appointment so that their needs are met. We are following strict infection control and personal protective equipment (PPE) recommendations and will introduce more safety protocols as they become available to us."


The dental clinic has been open through this pandemic and remains available for all urgent care and emergent care for anyone, especially if they have severe dental pain, swelling or dental abscess. The clinic's goal is to make sure that patients receive definitive treatment rather than have multiple visits to the Emergency Department.

"As always, we hope that everybody is safe and healthy and recommend regular daily home oral hygiene practices of flossing and brushing (adding the use of a Waterpik if you have the time) as the best means of preventing any new dental disease from forming or any existing dental disease from getting any worse," added Dr. Grover.

If you have any questions you can reach the CMH Family Dental Clinic by calling (434) 584-5590.