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Canine cupids

When VCU Dogs On Call volunteers hand out valentines, recipients get a dose of their unconditional love.

11 dogs involved with VCU Dogs on Call Illustration Dogs On Call therapy dogs handed out valentines complete with custom illustrations of each dog. (Illustration by Helen Bodde, VCU social media and design intern, @irlabuela)

The Virginia Commonwealth University Dogs On Call therapy dogs know a lot about love and affection — they spend their days warming the hearts of patients, visitors, students, faculty and staff. The highly trained fuzzballs, along with their human handlers, visit the VCU Medical Center and other VCU Health clinical facilities as well as student events on campus to spread their love and calming presence to anyone who needs a feel-good moment.

This February, the pups handed out valentines to passersby in Main Hospital and The Commons, reminding everyone who paused to give a belly rub or pat a silky head that love is all around us and it’s important every once in a while to simply stop and smell the roses. 

Registered nurse meets a member of the Dogs on Call team

VCU Dogs on Call made a special visit last week to VCU Medical Center to hand out valentines. (VCU Enterprise Marketing and Communications)