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A welcome from Dr. Arthur Kellermann

The new senior vice president for health sciences at VCU and CEO for VCU Health System shares what attracted him to Richmond and our VCU community of learners, patients and staff on his first day in office.

VCU Health MCV Campus at night

Dr. Arthur Kellermann headshotDear VCU and VCU Health communities,

I am incredibly honored to be serving the Richmond community and the Commonwealth at VCU.

I spent most of my career in public hospitals working with the community and have always been interested in positions that allow me to make a difference. As I start my journey with VCU today, it feels like I have come home to an institution that understands that all people matter.

I’m here because VCU serves everyone as a health system and university. In the words of Dick Robertson, for whom VCU’s School of Media and Culture is named, “VCU is the people’s university — we give everybody a chance.” That’s true for your learners, your patients, your faculty and your staff.  

VCU’s history, mission, values and strengths are clearly aligned with the priorities I care about.

I’m here because VCU has a longstanding reputation for taking great care of patients.  

And I’m here because our world-class biomedical, clinical, social science and population-based health researchers have not reached the limit of what they can discover, create and innovate.

I believe that VCU can lead the way when it comes to cost, quality, safety and service — both in higher education and in health care. 

VCU has the talent, energy and ability to collaborate with Virginians and people from all over the world to improve health, advance knowledge and educate high achievers, and by doing so, pave the way for economic prosperity for future generations.  

VCU has come a long way since 1838. The best is yet to come, and I am excited to be part of the journey.


With high regards,


Arthur L. Kellermann, M.D., M.P.H.

Senior Vice President for VCU Health Sciences

CEO, VCU Health System