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2019 VCU Health System Star Service Award Recipient


Joanne Bedford, VCU Health CMH Chaplain


VCU Health recently recognized Joanne Bedford, VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital Chaplain, with the 2019 VCU Health System Star Service Award.  Joanne received one of only four awards given to a select few of employees whom had shown outstanding service throughout the year.

During the award presentation it was stated that Joanne received this prestigious award for the amazing care that she provides every day to hospital and hospice patients.  Joanne is an attentive listener and gives patients the opportunity to share their fears, doubts, concerns, and other issues that may be on their mind while they are in the hospital.

With her infinite faith she inspires to give others strength, hope, and a desire to get well or the courage to face whatever the doctor may share with them about their illness.  Joanne is seen as a dedicated and loving person, not only to patients but to the team at VCU Health CMH.

Back in October a fellow team member passed away and Joanne knew many team members were struggling with the loss.  She pulled everyone together in a team report room and had a prayer, moment of silence and then had everyone share a quick memory about the team member.  People entered the room crying and broken but left with a smile!  That is Joanne.  

Her smile is contagious and her heart is filled with a desire to help others with whatever their needs are. She leads by example every day and her exemplary Star Service is visible at all times whether in the hall, in a patient’s room, in the cafeteria, at a community event, or elsewhere.

Joanne has been with VCU Health CMH since 2012 and during her time at the hospital she has touched many lives.  God led Joanne to becoming a Pastor and as result, she made her life a blessing to others in so many wonderful ways that she demonstrates daily.