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Dhiren Kumar, MD

Dhiren Kumar, MD

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Transplant Surgery


Internal Medicine


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Medical School

University of Virginia School of Medicine


VCU Medical Center


VCU Medical Center


VCU Medical Center


Caring for patients before and beyond their transplant

As a doctor specializing in kidney transplant care, Dhiren Kumar, M.D., gets to see the long-term impact he has on a patient’s life.

“As a transplant nephrologist, one can significantly improve, and save, patients' lives,” he says. “Seeing a patient’s health improve after a successful transplant is incredibly rewarding.”

Kumar, part of the kidney transplant care team at Hume-Lee Transplant Center, provides care to patients seeking a transplant and for those who have already undergone one. A transplant nephrologist sets the plan, process and guides patients and their families through a sometimes complex journey to a kidney transplant and the care after the transplant.

“Unlike some specialties where patient interaction may be limited, transplant nephrologists often build long-term relationships with their patients,” he says. “This continuity of care allows providers like me the ability to see the direct impact of our treatment over time.”

And his care continues well beyond the moment the patient leaves the center following their procedure. He provides ongoing treatment following the patient’s transplant to ensure their new kidney continues to function well while monitoring for and pre-emptively avoiding complications.

Kumar is committed to providing compassionate care to everyone and he wants patients to feel like they are receiving consistent treatment from a doctor well-versed on all the unique health issues they face.

“I want my patients to feel cared for and supported throughout their kidney transplant journey,” Kumar says.

And he values his role in clearly and simply explaining complex medical issues, so each patient can better understand all the concerns related to their health rather than being overwhelmed by clinical terms. He always urges patients to take an active role in their care and to speak up and ask any questions they may have.

Beyond working with patients and collaborating with a team of medical providers, he also pursues cutting edge research and has co-authored dozens of articles in the field of kidney transplant care, including improving kidney transplant diagnostics, markers of organ rejection and increasing access to kidney transplant.

Kumar says his role as a kidney care specialist comes with its share of challenges, including long hours and the need to stay on top of the latest transplant research, medications and care protocols in an ever-evolving field.

“Patients facing kidney disease and transplantation often experience stress and anxiety,” he says. “As a physician, being understanding, patient and supportive can make a significant difference in their healthcare experience.”

Yet he also relishes providing life-saving care.

“Despite these challenges, I find the kidney transplant field to be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling,” he says. “The ability to dramatically improve a patient’s quality of life makes the challenges worthwhile.”


Advice to Patients

“Never hesitate to ask your providers questions or to express your needs for communication. If you don’t’ understand a treatment or management plan, have an open and honest conversation with your provider and make sure you fully comprehend the reasons for the plan.”


Research Interests

Improving kidney transplant diagnostics, non-invasive markers or kidney rejection, treatment of chronic rejection, increasing access to transplant procedures

Clinical Interests

Kidney Diseases
Kidney Transplantation
Pancreatic Transplantation
Chronic Kidney Disease in Solid Organ Transplantation
Acute Renal Failure in Solid Organ Transplantation

Ratings & Reviews

Dr. Kumar is a fine physician. He is very caring and always answers my many questions!
March 2024
Dr. KUMAR. Was very knowledgeable and provided a clear assessment of my transplant status. Benefits and risk were presented. He seemed to care and showed compassion and kindness. Was very hopeful after leaving the appointment.
July 2023
March 2023
I love VCU
March 2023