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Program Insights

What We Offer

  • Ability to customize rotation sites and options for most rotation experiences to meet each intern’s unique learning interests.
  • Three (3) Internship faculty that are dedicated to only Internship responsibilities.  They are available to provide guidance and support no matter where you are at in your internship journey.
  •  Affordability, our program’s administrative fee is only $1,800 for the entire 9-month supervised practice experience.  AND our DI Only and MS-DI options are the most budget-friendly amongst programs in the Commonwealth!
  • Comprehensive balance of experiences in clinical nutrition, food service, and community nutrition to best prepare you for all facets of the RD exam.
  • Real-life project options that meet the needs of our organization and key partners.  We minimize “busy-work” and offer opportunities to make immediate impacts while meeting your required competencies!
  • World class interdisciplinary-focused education at our renowned Medical Center, Comprehensive Cancer Center, and dedicated Pediatric Hospital.
  • Collaborative environment with internship faculty, staff, and peer interns.
  • All rotation sites are coordinated and scheduled by our Program Director; interns do not need to find their own rotation sites unless their interests fall outside current available sites.
  • Availability of an online, asynchronous master’s degree program, designed to elevate your core knowledge, and meet your individual learning needs; completed in as little as 5 semesters (includes the internship).
  • Internship only experiences for those that may already have earned (or are in progress with) a master’s degree.
  • Free daily lunch while completing rotations on the downtown Medical Campus; most interns receive free parking too!
  • Free membership with our local dietetics organization (Greater Richmond Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics), providing ample networking opportunities with dietitians who work in a variety of areas across the Richmond region and the state of Virginia.

What Our Graduates Say

  • "I think the VCUHS internship gives their interns the most comprehensive education experience I have seen when discussing other internship programs.  The rigor of the program also makes for an excellent experience to continue with personal professional development."
  • “…the teaching environment of VCUHS overall!!!  I always felt comfortable to learn/ask questions.” 
  • “Class days and tight-knit connection with our peer interns has benefitted us even after the internship- learning from each other and using each other as resources from afar.”
  • “The strengths of the program include the ability to choose elective rotations and the willingness of [the] director/clinical coordinators to meet these needs/requests.”
  • “Interns are exposed to a variety of rotations which help to explore interests beyond the traditional RD route.”
  • “I felt more prepared as an entry-level RD than most.”

Does the VCUHS Dietetic Internship sound like it might be a good fit for you? Do you still have questions about our program? Are you wondering what the next steps might look like for you? Please contact our Program Director to set up a time to discuss your questions and pathway options.