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2013 Tony Carr's Story

Carr suffered extensive burns on approximately 60 percent of his body when the twin-engine aircraft he was piloting crashed into a ball of fire at the Richmond International Airport on April 11, 2011. After more than 25 surgeries, Carr has made an amazing recovery. Twenty-five care providers were given the Order of the Shining Knight for their contribution to Carr's survival. Parts 2, 3 below

VCU Medical Center is one of only two nationally recognized Level I trauma centers in Virginia. Patients are admitted into the trauma center for a variety of reasons that include vehicle crashes, falls, burns and unintentional injuries.

Honorary Chairs:

Rosemary Trible and Wilhelm Zuelzer

Our Shining Knights:

Allen Yee VCU Medical Center Emergency Medicine
Vernon Crumpler Henrico County Police Firefighter
Jessica Frankenhoff VCU Medical Center Orthopedic surgery
Marianne Seyfried-Clemmons VCU Medical Center Occupational Therapy
Mary  Goode VCU Medical Center Physical Therapy
Kevin Garber Richmond International Firefighter
Baynard  Jackson Henrico County Firefighter
Helen Scott VCU Medical Center Environmental Services
Ann Fulcher VCU Medical Center Radiology
Chris Craft  VCU Medical Center Emergency Department
Cedric Campbell VCU Medical Center Anesthesia
Ajai Malhotra VCU Medical Center Trauma Surgery
Shannon Davidson VCU Medical Center Burn Center
Daniel Komoroski VCU Medical Center Radiology
Jennifer Rhodes VCU Medical Center Plastic Surgery
Kisha Morgan VCU Medical Center Burn Center
Hillary Hawkins Sheltering Arms Doctor
Kristin Nuchols Sheltering Arms Occupational Therapy
Trine McCall Sheltering Arms Physical Therapy
Gonzalo Bearman VCU Medical Center Infectious Disease
Diona Tuggle VCU Medical Center Burn Center
Lillie Willis VCU Medical Center Burn Center
Michael Feldman VCU Medical Center Plastic Surgery
Brian Cameron VCU Medical Center Neurosurgery