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Shining Knight Gala Archives

Each year we celebrate one patient's remarkable story of survival and the team that made their recovery possible.

View photos from the 2019 Shining Knight Gala

View photos from the 2018 Shining Knight Gala

2019 David Johnson, Carter Lewis Story

David Johnson and Carter Lewis, are firefighters with Hanover County Fire-EMS, who suffered severe injuries on Oct. 11, 2018 after a tractor-trailer struck their fire engine as they were responding to a vehicular crash on Interstate 295 in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Michael.

Trauma patient Malina Richardson running in a park.2018 Malina Richardson Story

With the support of family, friends and the VCU Health Trauma team Malina is now getting her life back.

2018 Shining Knight Gala: Taylor Jones' Story

Taylor Jones got support he never knew existed from the Richmond community after his near-fatal car crash. Now he's helping those who helped him.

2018 Honorary Chairs

Co-Chairs Brenda and Tyler Hancock about their traumatic experience and what the trauma center means to them.

2017 Gala story

2017 Gala Story

The victim of a hit and run, jogger Denise Gorondy Toderico was thrown 50 yards from the road and lay seriously injured undiscovered for more than an hour.

2017 Gala story

2017 Trauma Survivor “Giving Back” Story

Richard Bagby shares his own spinal trauma experience to help the newly-injured adjust to the next chapter in their lives.

2017 Gala story

2016 Gala Story

Nick Watkins and his family were grateful to be able to share his inspiring journey from injury to recovery after a devastating motorcycle crash.

2017 Gala story

2016 Trauma Survivor “Giving Back” Story

After recovering from his burn injuries, Kirk McClure realized he could share his story to inspire other burn victims.

2017 Gala story

2015 Gala Story

More than five months after the car crash, Bette Wallerstein walked out the door and went home to her loving family

2017 Gala story

2015 Trauma Survivor “Giving Back” Story

Lisette Johnson works tirelessly to give back by providing a voice and resources to other domestic violence survivors.

2014 Gala story

2014 Gala Story

Candi Spraggins struggled for months to recover from a horrific car crash.

2014 Gala story

2014 Trauma Survivor “Giving Back” Story

Cole Sydnor received the Trauma Survivor Giving Back Award for helping others avoid spinal cord injuries.

2013 Gala story

2013 Gala Story

For Tony Carr, surviving the plane crash was one thing but recovering from his burn injuries was another.

2012 Gala story

2012 Gala Story

Jonathan Colson's story chronicles the path of care following a lightening strike.

2012 Gala story

2011 Gala Story

After becoming a victim of gun violence Chris Baker is able to enjoy life with his family and considers himself blessed to have survived.

2010 Gala story

2010 Gala Story

Originally injured in a motor vehicle crash, Greg Jones' trauma survival was his first step of the rest of his life.

2009 Gala story

2009 Gala Story

Delta trauma patient Willie Christy wasn't expected to survive, but then he met his trauma team.