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About Us

The Med-Health Development Office is committed to supporting the mission to preserve and restore health for all people, to seek the cause and cure of diseases through innovative research, and to educate those who serve humanity. Our donors are advancing VCU Health’s mission through their philanthropy.

Please call or email our team members directly at the contact information listed below or reach out to our main office at (804) 828-4100 or vcuhealthdevelopment@vcuhealth.org.

Our Team

Niles Eggleston
Niles Eggleston
Assistant Vice President of Alumni and Development
Phone: (804) 828-2112
Email: niles.eggleston@vcuhealth.org

Nathan G Bick
Nathan G. Bick
Major Gift Officer
Phone: (804) 827-0387
Email: nathan.bick@vcuhealth.org

Jack Carmichael
Jack Carmichael
Director of Annual Giving
Phone: (804) 827-4931
Email: jack.carmichael@vcuhealth.org

Priscilla Wiggin Cash
Priscilla Cash
Senior Director of Development
Phone: (804) 827-4933
Email: priscilla.wiggin@vcuhealth.org

Hope Elliot
Hope Elliott
Executive Assistant
Phone: (804) 628-3607
Email: hope.elliott@vcuhealth.org

Amy Lane PhD
Amy English (Lane), Ph.D.
Director of Major Gifts
Phone: (804) 827-4937
Email: amy.lane@vcuhealth.org

Payton Hardinge
Payton Hardinge
Associate Director, Strategic Initiatives
Phone: (804) 828-3407
Email: payton.hardinge@vcuhealth.org

Michelle Holder
Michelle Holder
Stewardship Coordinator
Phone: (804) 827-4935
Email: Michelle.Holder@vcuhealth.org

Erin Lucero
Erin Lucero
Director of Development Communications
Phone: (804) 827-4938
Email: erin.lucero@vcuhealth.org

Joy Malkin Sanders
Joy Malkin
Assistant Dean for Development and Alumni Affairs
Phone: (804) 827-4939
Email: joy.sanders@vcuhealth.org

Lynn Meyer
Lynn Meyer
Director of Donor Engagement
Phone: (804) 827-6297
Email: lynn.meyer@vcuhealth.org

Carrie Mills
Carrie Mills
Senior Director of Development
Phone: (804) 828-0423
Email: carrie.r.mills@vcuhealth.org

Brenna Monk
Brenna Monk
Leadership Annual Giving Officer
Phone: (804) 628-5813
Email: brenna.monk@vcuhealth.org

Maura O'Brien
Maura O'Brien
Development Assistant
Phone: (804) 828-3055
Email: maura.obrien@vcuhealth.org

Laura Renaud

Laura Renaud
Director of Constituent Relations and Stewardship
Phone: (804) 628-6226
Email: Laura.Renaud@vcuhealth.org

Polly Roberts
Polly Roberts
Associate Director of Donor, Alumni and Stewardship Communications
Phone: (804) 828-5290
Email: polly.roberts@vcuhealth.org 

Jodi T. Smith
Jodi T. Smith
Director of Development
Phone: (804) 628-2248
Email: jodi.smith@vcuhealth.org  

Image of Natalie Taylor
Natalie Taylor

Development Coordinator
Phone: (804) 828-9832
Email: natalie.a.taylor@vcuhealth.org

Pam Vaughan
Pam Vaughan
Development Coordinator
Phone: (804) 827-4934
Email: pamela.vaughan@vcuhealth.org

Image of Angelica Williams
Angelica Williams

Development Assistant
Phone: (804) 628-6206
Email: angelica.williams2@vcuhealth.org

Wren Wyatt
Wren Wyatt
Associate Director of Development Information Management
Phone: (804) 828-5008
Email: wren.wyatt@vcuhealth.org