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Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring includes the collection of clinical data and the transmission of this data between a patient at a distant location and a health care provider using remote patient monitoring equipment, e.g., Bluetooth-enabled glucometer, blood pressure cuff, scale, pulse oximeter.

Monitoring your blood glucose is important in managing diabetes. If you're having trouble managing your treatment, we offer remote patient monitoring to help you stay healthy. Remote patient monitoring is available at no charge to eligible patients.

Talk to your health care provider about whether remote patient monitoring is right for you.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Remote Home Monitoring (RHM) is a unique program that allows your healthcare team to monitor your medical condition from your own home.

Your RN Care Coordinator enrolls you into the program and downloads a software application to your mobile phone. The RN Care Coordinator will instruct you on how to use the software program and connect with VCU Health. The software syncs with your medical devices and sends information back to the RN Care Coordinator. The software allows the RN Care Coordinator to determine how well you are doing at home with following your care plan. She can then consult with you and / or your health care team should there be any problems.

Your RN Care Coordinator will explain the program and software to you and any available family members. You will be asked to enter your health care data according to your care plan. If you have any questions about your care plan, your RN Care Coordinator is readily available to assist and answer your questions. When you have completed the program, you will be asked via the telephone or mail to answer questions about your satisfaction with the program.

No, there is no charge for enrollment in the program, access to the software or being part of the Remote Home Monitoring program.

You may call your RN Care Coordinator Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, via pager. The Remote Home Monitoring Program Office is closed after hours, on all weekends and holidays. Don’t forget to call 911 if you have a medical emergency.

You can expect your RN Care Coordinator to discuss topics that relate to your care plan and to assist with your ability to manage your condition at home.

Please notify the Remote Home Monitoring, RN Care Coordinator as soon as possible.

Time in the program varies with each patient’s condition and care plan. The time for your discharge from the Remote Home Monitoring program will be discussed with you and / or your caregiver, as well as your health care team. Of course, you have the option to withdraw from the program at any time.