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Previous Clinics - 2022

Review topics we covered in previous Virginia Opioid Addiction ECHO clinics.

January 7, Developmental Trauma
Presented by Dr. Anjali Ferguson, PhD, LPC

January 21, Cannabis Use Disorder
Presented by Megan Lemay, MD

February 4, Practitioner Monitoring Program
Presented by Amy Ressler, LCSW

February 18, Trends in Illicit Drugs
Presented by Olivia Norman, JD

March 4, Cannabis Induced Psychosis
Presented by Arthur Calloway, MD

March 18, Behavioral Health Treatments for Trauma in SUD
Presented by Sarah Meshberg-Cohen, PhD

April 1, Buprenorphine Macrodosing
Presented by Brandon Wills, DO

April 15, Harm Reduction
Presented by Colin King, MSW and Dziko Singleton

April 29, Peer Based Recovery Pathways and MOUD
Presented by Tom Bannard, MBA

May 13, Panel Discussion Part 1: Supporting Pregnant Women with OUD/SUD
Panelists: David Ryan, MD and Dierdre Pearson, MSW

May 27, Panel Discussion Part 2: Supporting Women and Families Postpartum with OUD/SUD
Panelists: Tiffany Kimbrough, MD, David Ryan, MD and Dierdre Pearson, MSW

June 10, Identification, Assessment, and Referral of Unsafe Relationships at Home
Presented by Katie Copty, LPC

June 24, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Presented by Jarrod Reisweber, Psy.D., Ed.S.


July 8, Considering Supervised Consumption Sites in the U.S.
Presented by Beau Kilmer, PhD

July 22, Buprenorphine Home Induction
Presented by Brandon Wills, MD and Tracy Davis, NP


October 21, Take-Home Naloxone
Presented by Brandon Wills, MD

November 4, CPS and Addiction in Families
Presented by Valerie L'Herrou, JD 

December 2, Overdose Risk for Patients Coming Out of Controlled Environments
Presented by F. Gerard Moeller, MD 

December 16, Communicating with Patients about Overdose Risk
Presented by Lori Keyser-Marcus, PhD