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Previous Clinics - 2021

Review topics we covered in previous Virginia Opioid Addiction ECHO clinics.

January 15, Buprenorphine Taper
Presented by Masaru Nishiaoki, MD

January 29, Panel Discussion: COVID and Chronic Conditions
Panelists: Albert Arias, MD, Alex Krist, MD and Katherine Rose, MD

February 12, Grief Impacting Recovery
Presented by Courtney Holmes, PhD

February 26, Virginia Drug Court System
Presented by Melanie Meadows

March 12, COVID and Recovery: Panel Discussion
Presented by Tom Bannard, MBA Omri Morris, CPRS Raymond Barnes, CPRS Erin Trinh, CPRS

March 26, Effects of Pharmacology on Cognitive Function
Presented by Gerry Moeller, MD

April 9, PropER Clinic and SUD Virtual Bridge Clinic: Linking Patients from ED to PCP and SUD Care
Presented by Taruna Aurora, MD and Brandon Wills, MD

April 23, Resources for Pregnant and Postpartum Women with SUD
Presented by Kalie Owen, LCSW

May 7, Panel Discussion: Effects of Legalization on Treatment of OUD
Panelists: Gerry Moeller, MD Megan Lemay, MD Albert Arias, MD Elizabeth Wolf, MD

May 21, Housing in Substance Abuse
Presented by Andrew Plunk, PhD

June 4, Novel AUD Treatment
Presented by Albert Arias, MD

June 24, Novel Pharmacotherapy for OUD
Presented by Gerry Moeller, MD

July 16, Role of DMAS and DOC Pre-Release from Incarceration
Presented by Ashley Morales, Ashley Harrel, and Christine Bethune

July 30, Panel Discussion- Re-Entry from Incarceration
Presented by LaPortia Oneal, Jessica Lee, Michael Fatula, LPC and Jeffrey Locke, JD

August 13, Methadone Introduction and Utilization
Presented by Andrew Snyder, MD

October 22, Precipitated Opioid Withdrawal
Presented by Brandon Wills, DO

November 5, Treating Insomnia in Patients with OUD
Presented by Morgan Reid, MS, Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student

November 19, Updated X Waiver Guidelines
Presented by Jason, Lowe, MSW

October 22,  Precipitated Withdrawal

December 3, ADHD and Stimulant Use Disorder
Presented by Dr. Sandra Mullen, PharmD

December 17, Buprenorphine Microdosing
Presented by Dr. Katie Adams, PharmD and Dr. David Ryan, MD