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Continuation Phase Curriculum

Session 1: Post Vaccination Practices Needed in Nursing Homes

Session 2: Post Vaccination Practices: Visitation

Session 3: Risk Mitigation & Core Principles of COVID-19 Infection Control Practice

Session 4: Personal Protective Equipment Protocols for Post Vaccination Practices

Session 5: Workforce Considerations Post Vaccination

Session 6: Leading with a Great System of Communication: Diagnosing its Reliability

Session 7: Leadership Huddles with Point of Care Staff

Session 8: Leadership Rounds

Session 9: The Communication Loop

Session 10: Using Technology in Communication

Session 11: Staff Wellbeing Depends on the Trauma-Informed Principles of Safety & Trust

Session 12: The Connection Between Emotional Intelligence and Stress Response

Session 13: The Language of Feelings and Needs and the Correlation with Wellbeing

Session 14: Mourning on the Path to Wellbeing

Session 15: The Ongoing Journey of Posttraumatic Growth

Session 16: Ensuring Reliable Processes around Antibiotic/Antiviral Stewardship

Session 17: Where have We Been? Where are We Now? Future Directions