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Claiming CE Credit

How to receive credit

Access evaluations and receive credit through the Attendee Portal

Step 1 - Go to https://vcu.cloud-cme.com/cme/

Step 2 - Sign in using the appropriate option for your account

Step 3 - Once signed in, click the "My CME" or "My CE" button

Step 4 - Click on the appropriate option to view that information

  • Evaluations and Certificates - This option allows you to view evaluations that need to be completed for existing activities you have attended and also allows you to view, print or email certificates for activities you have already completed an evaluation for in CloudCME. This is where you will claim credit, fill out evaluations, and download your certificates.

From this screen you can access the following additional options:

  • Profile -  allows you to view, edit and update your CloudCME profile. Your profile in CloudCME determines your credit eligibility and ensures your institution has the correct information for reporting and accreditation purposes. 
  • Transcript - allows you to view, print and email your transcript. You can also append certificates and/or a transcript from a different organization to your CloudCME transcript
  • Registrations and Receipts - allows you to view, print or email receipts for registrations processed in CloudCME. 
  • Syllabus - allows you to view syllabi available for the activities you are registered for in CloudCME. Note: you must have a paid registration to view syllabi and the activity must offer one, not all activities offer a syllabi.

The Attendee Portal (AP) is also where you can view and register for available activities. Click one of the navigation options to view the activities available. Clicking "Details" for any activity will provide a detailed overview. Clicking "Register" will allow you to register for the activity.

CloudCME account creation

VCU Health Faculty and Staff

The steps below are not for VCU Health faculty and staff. VCU Health faculty and staff should use their current VCU Health email address and password to access automatically created CloudCME accounts. To complete the account set-up process, please click "My CME" or "My CE", click on "Profile," complete your profile information, and click "Save."

How to create an account in CloudCME®

Step 1 - Go to Attendee Portal and click "Sign In"

Step 2 - Click "Don't have an account?" If you do not see "Don't have an account?" click the button labeled "Sign in with your email and password then click "Don't have an account?"

Step 3 - Complete all the fields on the screen, making sure to make note of your password, then click "Create Account." You will receive a pop-up message indicating your account was created.

Step 4 - Click "Sign In" again and enter your email address and the password you entered in Step 4 and click "Login"

Step 5 - To complete the process, please click "My CME" or "My CE," click on "Profile," complete your profile information, and click "Save."

Pharmacists/Pharmacy Technicians: Be sure to enter both your NABP number and mm/dd in the Profile to ensure credits can be awarded.