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4PCP Project ECHO

Welcome to the 4PCP (The Primary Practice Practitioner Program for Chronic Pain) ECHO (Extension for Community Health Outcomes). 4PCP ECHO is a virtual network of providers and practitioners working together to optimize virtual team management of Chronic Pain in Primary Care. An ECHO model connects professionals with each other in real-time collaborative virtual sessions on Zoom. Participants present de-identified cases to one another, share resources, connect to each other, and grow in their expertise.

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Network, Participate and Present

  • Engage in a collaborative community with your peers.
  • Listen, learn, and discuss best practices for managing chronic pain and other chronic conditions.
  • Take the opportunity to submit your de-identified case study for feedback from the team and your peers.
  • Improved management of patients with Chronic Pain.
  • Learn best practices from your peers and professionals in the field.
  • Virtual networking opportunities using two-way video conferencing.
  • No cost to participate.

Our Team

Program Director
Thomas Chelimsky, MD

Virginia Commonwealth University

Jeff Janata, PhD
Case Western Reserve University Pain Center

Gisela Chelimsky, MD
Pediatric Gastroenterology
Virginia Commonwealth University

Ted Parran, MD
Addiction Medicine
Case Western Reserve University

Sandy Hilton, PT, DPT
Physical Therapy
Entropy Physiotherapy and Wellness

Philip Bain, MD
Internal Medicine

Al Musa, MD
Internal Medicine
SSM Health

Curriculum & Past Sessions

Participants are welcome to join any of our sessions which consist of a didactic presentation, and relevant case discussions:

March 15: Pain Reprocessing Therapy
Presenter: John Gasienica, LCSW
View session video

March 17: How can physical therapy help your patient with low back pain?
Presenters: Philip Bain, MD and Sandy Hilton, PT, DPT
Resources discussed: Book recommendation, "The Way Out" by Alan Gordon
View session video

April 21: Use of Low-Dose Naltrexone in Fibromyalgia
Presenters: Lynn Gufeld, AGACNP & Thomas Chelimsky, MD
View session video 

May 19: How to Successfully Introduce a Psychology/Behavioral Health Referral
Presenters: Jeffrey Janata, PhD & Thomas Chelimsky, MD
View session video

June 21: The complexities of working with parent-child dyad in pediatric chronic pain disorders
Presenters: Gisela Chelimsky, MD & Sandy Hilton, PT, DPT
View session video

July 21: "I'm sooo sorry..." The SUD Dual Diagnosis Patient
View session video

September 15: Optimal Uses of Buprenorphine for Addiction
Presenters: Ted Parran, MD
View session video

October 20: Migraine Headaches in Adults
Presenters: John Burkett, MD
View session video

November 17: New Pain Neuroscience
Presenters: Jeff Janata, PhD
View session video

January 19: Overview of Hypnosis and Diaphragmatic Breathing in Clinical Practice
Presenters: Mary Wells, PhD
View session video

February 16: Pediatric Headaches
Presenters: Lauren Strauss, DO, FAHS
View session video

Upcoming Sessions

  • May 17, 2024: Devices for headaches
  • June 21, 2024: Overview for CBT for Pain
  • July 19, 2024: Chronic pain in UK

Contact Us

For more information about 4PCP ECHO, contact us at 4pcp@vcuhealth.org.