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There are two options for setting up a study with our sleep specialists at the VCU Health Center for Sleep Medicine.

1. Call us, or have your primary care doctor call us.

Your physician will need to call us if your insurance requires a referral. Otherwise, you may call us yourself to schedule an appointment.

Phone: (804) 323-2255

Providers referring for testing only should fill out our Sleep Study Only - Direct Referral Form and fax it to (804) 323-2262.

2. Book an appointment online.

Click here to make an appointment online.

Insurance information

The VCU Health Center for Sleep Medicine accepts most major insurance plans. To see if your plan covers office visits and sleep testing at our facility, call the customer service number on your card. For HMO plans, a referral is generally needed from your primary care physician. PPO plans do not typically require referrals.