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Department of Radiology


Our Vision is to be recognized nationally & internationally as a world-class Radiology Department.


The Department of Radiology at VCU Medical Center is at the forefront of academic radiology departments, offering clinical, technological, educational and research initiatives that allow us to provide high-quality patient care and train the next generation of radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians. We are dedicated to our Image of Excellence through the fulfillment of our Mission:

Why Choose VCU Health Radiology

Why Choose VCU Health Radiology

Long-Standing Commitment To Clinical Excellence. Radiology at VCU Health is dedicated to providing patients with the highest standard of care and innovative procedures.

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Sub-Specialty Experts

Sub-Specialty Experts

The team at VCU aren't just radiology experts. They're experts in specific areas of imaging care. From breast health to tumor ablation, our sub-specialists understand the exact needs of each patient.

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