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Today’s facelift is more natural than ever before. Unlike the early skin-tightening surgeries that left patients with a pulled-taut appearance, facial surgery now restores the underlying muscle and fatty tissue to reconstruct the patient’s youthful facial architecture. Excess skin is trimmed and draped smoothly over the renewed contours. Patients look refreshed, not operated-on.

A facelift targets the area from eye level down to the jawline and neck. Some patients combine a facelift with brow and eyelid surgeries, skin-resurfacing procedures, and/or fat transfer. The ideal candidate has well-defined bone structure, some facial skin elasticity, and sagging around the mouth and jawline.

Each facelift is highly customized and begins with close collaboration between patient and surgeon. Proper facelift incisions will preserve the hairline in front of the ear and behind it; with men’s sideburns, for example, left intact and in place.

Facelift recovery times depend on the extent of surgery and the patient’s individual health profile. After 10-12 days, facelift patients are often ready to resume their routines, although it may take several months to see full results.