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Your Consultation

Thinking about your appearance and want to explore your plastic surgery options?

We invite you to schedule a confidential in-office consultation with one of our physicians.  Our consultations leave you free to choose your next step only when you’re ready. We’ll do our best to start an open dialogue, but continuing that conversation by opting for surgery or aesthetic services is entirely up to you.

Whether you have a specific cosmetic issue you’d like to resolve or you just want to research your options, when you meet with a member of our surgical team, we’ll help determine what treatments are best for you. We’ll take a medical history and, if necessary, ask you to get a physical in advance of surgery.

Bring photos along and, if you’d like, ask a trusted friend or family-member to join you. We’ll schedule an hour in our private consultation room equipped with a full length three-way mirror to discuss which procedures are best suited to your goals. For patients considering breast augmentation, we can provide implant samples so you can see how your new size will look in clothes. Call us at (804) 828-3030 and we’ll be happy to arrange a date and time that’s convenient for you. We look forward to meeting you.