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Frequently Asked Patient Questions

When you’re considering plastic surgery, you’ll have questions. Lots of them. 

Here, we answer the questions we hear most frequently in patient consultations:

Q  I’d like to improve my appearance. But I’m not sure I’m ready for plastic surgery.

A  That’s perfectly okay. We can start our conversation there. Facial rejuvenation includes a range of treatment options from micro dermabrasion to injectable fillers, laser skin resurfacing, eye lift, brow lift, and face lift. Your ideal solution may be as simple as Botox® injections and a good skincare regimen. Our consultation allows you to explore the latest treatments available, with no obligation to opt for a cosmetic procedure.  We’ll help you choose the treatment plan that delivers ideal results in the most cost-effective, medically appropriate way.

Q   Why should I choose VCU Medical Center Plastic Surgery over other local cosmetic surgeons and their practices?

A   Our patients enjoy the excellent care of a world-class teaching hospital along with the convenience of our West End office, a combination no other Richmond practice can match. Our physicians are in close contact with VCU medical specialists from a wide range of fields. And, in an era when cosmetic practitioners may lack hospital privileges, it’s reassuring to know that every surgeon at the Plastic Surgery Center is fully credentialed.

In addition to our medical credentials, we believe our emphasis on doctor-patient relationships will guide your decision to choose VCU Medical Center Plastic Surgery Center. Communication is essential to getting the results you want and we pride ourselves on offering our patients the most thorough and informative consultations available.

Q Are any cosmetic surgeries covered by insurance?

A  Cosmetic procedures generally are not covered. In some cases, upper eyelid surgery is covered if a patient undergoes visual field testing and an ophthalmologist confirms that drooping upper lids are obstructing a patient’s vision. Of course, each case is different an insurance companies have differing criteria.

Q  Can I bring a friend to my consultation appointment?

A  We encourage you to bring a trusted friend or family member along to your consultation, if you’d like. Some patients also bring photos to help communicate their preferences. Take a moment to write down your questions in advance, so we’ll be sure to cover everything on your list.

Q Do you provide an estimate of surgery and treatment costs?

A  Yes. A written estimate outlining your proposed treatment plan will be available shortly after your consultation appointment, often on the same day.

Q   How long do I have to wait to schedule surgery after a consultation? 

A  Most people like to weigh their options for several days after a consultation but, if you are certain about choosing surgery, we can schedule a surgery date at the time of the consultation. There is no penalty for cancellations made six weeks prior to the surgery date.

Q  How does your office handle doctor-patient communication?  Can I email my surgeon if I have a question? 

A  After a consultation, your surgeon will be happy to answer follow-up questions by email or by phone. This ongoing dialogue is part of the decision-making process and we are committed to being responsive to your questions and concerns.

Q What skincare product lines does your office carry?

A   We carry medical-grade skincare products from Obagi Medical Systems, Clarisonic, Latisse, Skinceuticals, La Roche Posay, Skin Medica, Avene, and Glytone; as well as Botox® Cosmetic, Restylane® and Juvéderm® fillers. Our aesthetician is also available for a consultation if you are considering micro dermabrasion, peels, or injectable fillers.