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Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program Provides Leading-Edge Rehabilitation

Whether a traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, hemorrhage, brain trauma or concussion, brain injuries are increasingly common among children and adults. While there are more than four million concussions diagnosed in the U.S. each year, from infants to the elderly, military personnel, veterans and professional athletes are perhaps the most visible and dramatic examples of patients with brain trauma. Our Brain Injury and Rehabilitation Program experts successfully diagnose, treat and manage the burden of brain injury and increase quality of life for patients.

Collaborative Brain Rehabilitation Process

Our dedicated team of physicians, specialized therapists and social workers use a collaborative process to help each patient reach individualized rehabilitation treatment goals. We infuse our daily work with a friendly, compassionate approach that’s supported by the very latest medical advancements in brain research with high-tech, leading-edge equipment.

Intensive and Comprehensive Brain Injury Rehab Program

Our brain injury rehab program is a superbly coordinated intensive program that focuses on functional assessment and comprehensive services, including:

  • Therapeutic intervention
  • Community reintegration
  • Long-term clinical follow-up
  • Rehabilitation

Why Choose VCU Health's Brain Injury Rehab Program

In collaboration with VCU Health, Sheltering Arms Institute's Inpatient Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program is a self-contained 24-bed unit. Our team treats both adult and adolescent patients with traumatic brain injuries stemming from accidents such as falls, gunshot wounds, assaults or car accidents. Our highly-specialized staff also treats those with non-traumatic injuries from causes such as aneurysms, hemorrhages or brain tumors. 

One of 16 Federally Designated Model System of Care

As one of only 16 federally designated Traumatic Brain Injury Model System of Care programs for persons with brain injuries, we provide comprehensive, coordinated inpatient and outpatient care, including emergency medical services, and early intensive and acute care. Our Brain Injury Rehab Program is comprehensive and focuses on functional assessment, therapeutic intervention, community reintegration and long-term clinical follow-up. Our expert care includes:

  • Individualized therapy programs
  • Medical management
  • Memory logs and other cognitive aides
  • Mobility and equipment evaluations
  • Psychological services
  • Secure unit
  • Self-care retraining
  • Small intimate environment
  • Use of the latest technology to ensure a safe environment

Brain Injury Program

Our team provides care through VCU Health’s Brain Injury Program providing care in a self-contained unit that treats both adult and adolescent patients with traumatic brain injuries.

Additionally, the National Resource Center for Traumatic Brain Injury (NRCTBI) is housed at VCU Health, and many of our staff are affiliated with the VCU Health Traumatic Brain Injury Model System.

Excellence in Sports Concussion Management

Because concussion is a common sports injury, we provide sports concussion management with a multidisciplinary team of medical staff. Under the guidance of Katherine Dec, M.D., professor and director of sports medicine and musculoskeletal medicine, we perform baseline tests for local high school teams and provide team physician coverage for all sports at VCU, Virginia Union University and Longwood University.

Innovative Research Enhances Long-Term Outcomes

Clinical care is just one area of focus at VCU Health’s Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program. Our physician/scientists are involved in scientific research, focusing on improving care and quality of life and enhancing long-term outcomes after brain injury. Our elite medical professionals take every opportunity to speak and share their innovative research and expertise. VCU Health is home to three international rehabilitation research journals, including:

  • Brain Injury
  • Neuro Rehabilitation
  • Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation

We also produce a quarterly newsletter, distribute educational fact sheets and participate in a variety of educational events related to brain injury rehabilitation and outcomes.

Discoveries in Understanding Brain Trauma

David X. Cifu, M.D., chair of VCU Health’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Dr. William Walker, M.D., Ernst and Helga Prosser professor, are on the forefront of research, working to better understand and treat brain trauma. Dr. Cifu is the principal investigator of the Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium (CENC) and is directing a $62 million grant to study the short- and long-term effects of concussions in combat injured service members and veterans. His goal is to better understand the epidemiology of the problem and improve interventions.