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Colonial Orthopaedics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

To better serve our patients and communities of the Tri-Cities area and surrounding counties, we are joining forces with VCU Health MCV Physicians. Becoming a part of their team will allow us to expand our services and grow our talented team of physicians and staff. We are truly excited to grow our geographic footprint and provide access to the best network of primary and specialty care providers in the Richmond metro area. We know that patients have questions when changes like this occur, so we have provided answers to a few common questions that you may have. If you need to speak to someone about these or other questions you may have, please contact us at (804) 526-5888.

VCU Health MCV Physicians
325 Charles H. Dimmock Parkway
Suite 100
Colonial Heights, VA 23834

Will my medical bills come from VCU Health MCV Physicians or Colonial Orthopaedics?
If you have services during this transition period, you may receive billing statements from both Colonial Orthopaedics and/or VCU Health, depending upon your date of service. Please carefully note which organization the bill is from so you can properly pay the correct organization or provider.

What changes can I expect?
Colonial Orthopaedics will be closing its Chippenham and Emporia locations, however all other locations will remain open as VCU Health MCV Physicians. The South Park location at 325 Charles H. Dimmock Parkway will be closing for renovations on March, 15, 2019. During that time, the Jennick location across the street (131 Jennick Drive) will reopen to serve as the main location for 8 months.

How will I know where to receive care if my location is closing?
If you have questions about where to seek care, please call (804) 526-5888.

How do I request a copy of my medical record?
Should you require a copy of your records, the process for requesting a copy will be the same as it is now. Beginning on March 15, 2019, you will also  be able to obtain copies of your records from VCU Health by calling the Health Information Management Department at (804) 828-4423. You may also request that we send a copy of your medical record in our possession to you or to any physician of your choosing. Please note that charges will apply in the event you elect to have a copy of your medical record sent to you. These charges will include a reasonable cost-based fee, which will include the actual cost of supplies and labor required to copy your record and a postage fee that will vary by weight.

In the event I need surgical care, what are the locations available to me?
The Colonial Orthopaedic doctors who are joining VCU Health MCV Physicians will continue to provide surgical services in community hospitals throughout the Tri-Cities area, including VCU Medical Center.

Will I still be able to see the same orthopaedic specialists I’ve always seen?
Yes. While they have joined VCU Health MCV Physicians to expand access to orthopaedic care in the Tri-Cities region, you will have access to your current orthopaedic specialist. 

When will the renovations be complete in the Tri-Cities area?
We are working to quickly improve and upgrade the facilities. We anticipate all by March 2020. We appreciate your patience during construction as we bring the best and brightest new facilities in the tri-cities.

Will I be able to reach my physician when I call the office?
Yes. The way that you communicate with your physician currently will not change. Any message you leave for your physician will be answered.