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Virginia Poison Center

If you think someone may have been exposed to a poison, or has taken too much medicine, please call 800-222-1222 or (804) 828-9123.

As a nationally certified regional poison center, the Virginia Poison Center’s mission is to prevent unintentional poisonings through public education programs, to provide optimal cost-effective care to patients with toxic exposures, and to facilitate clinical toxicology education for physicians and other health care providers.

Our emergency phone lines are staffed by specially trained registered nurses (Specialists in Poison Information), who are knowledgeable about toxic substances and treatment for victims exposed to potential poisons. This expert assistance is available 24 hours daily, is free of charge to all callers, and all patient information is confidential. Return phone calls are made by the center's nurses in many cases to follow up on the patient's condition, assess the outcome of any treatments and monitor for development of delayed toxic effects.

Business Office:
Box 980522
Richmond, Virginia 23298-0522
Phone: (804) 828-4780