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Pediatric Audiology

Image courtesy of Cochlear Corp.Through the Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU, we offer a range of tests to determine a child's hearing status. Referrals come from the newborn hearing screening program, local health professionals and educators, as well as parental self-referral.  

For a child with hearing loss, we help find the best interventions that will help improve the child’s access to sound. We work in partnership with families, educators, and other health care and agency providers to encourage the best possible communication development for children with hearing loss.

We also work closely with specialists in Otolaryngology in evaluation and monitoring of hearing in patients with ear health issues (e.g., middle ear infections/fluid).

The VCU Partnership for People with Disabilities has developed Resource Landing Pads, which are central locations for parents to find information about online, print, and video resources, and Virginia-specific guidance related to their child’s disability. Dr. Eubanks wrote the document that can be found here under Deaf and Hard of Hearing (English and Spanish)

Information from the Virginia Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program. Our department consulted on the development and production of an 8-minute video resource for parents of children who have not passed their newborn hearing screening, Loss & Found (in English and Spanish).