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Device Options

Image courtesy of OticonWe provide and support a number of different device options to improve access to sound for individuals with hearing loss. Our Audiologists are licensed to select, fit, and dispense hearing aids, and are uniquely trained to program cochlear implants. We provide expert troubleshooting when equipment concerns arise. Examples of devices offered include:

  • Hearing aids
  • Bone-conduction hearing devices (including Baha and Ponto), both surgical and non-surgical
  • Earmolds for use with hearing devices (or for hearing protection)
  • Cochlear implants

The Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center Cochlear Implant Program began in 1986 as one of 24 original programs in the FDA Clinical Trials for multichannel cochlear implants. The program continues as a research study site for all three devices and has been designed as a Center of Excellence. Our cochlear implant team is the veteran implant team in Virginia. More information may be found on Cochlear Implant website.

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