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RE/MAX Makes Miracles

RE/MAX offices and its agents across North America believe in giving back to the communities in which they serve and supporting their local children’s hospitals. Since 1992, RE/MAX has donated more than $165 million to support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals nationwide. In Central Virginia, local RE/MAX agents gave $29,466 last year to help Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU. The Miracle Home and Honor Card Programs are exclusive to RE/MAX and allow agents the opportunity to make a donation to the hospital on behalf of their clients. For each transaction they make, $25 or more is donated, and their client receives a special thank you card featuring artwork and a story about a local child treated at CHoR. Congratulations to the agents and offices who achieved Miracle Agent and Miracle Office status in 2017.

2017 Miracle Agents:

Ms. Stephanie Brown, RE/MAX Commonwealth, Alverser
Ms. Lacey Castelvecchi, RE/MAX Commonwealth, Alverser
Ms. Dara Friedlander, RE/MAX Today
Ms. Susie Hall, RE/MAX Today
Ms. Jennifer Hallock, RE/MAX Today
Ms. Patricia Hogan, RE/MAX Today
Mr. Wally Hughes, RE/MAX Commonwealth, Glen Forest
Mr. Thomas Innes, RE/MAX Commonwealth, Glen Forest
Ms. Jody Korman, RE/MAX Commonwealth, Glen Forest
Mr. Michael Latimer, RE/MAX Today
Mr. Ryan Medlin, RE/MAX Commonwealth, Glen Forest
Ms. Hilary Miller, RE/MAX Today
Ms. Pamela Miller, RE/MAX Today
Ms. Jennifer Pardon, RE/MAX Today
Mr. Robert Ransome, RE/MAX Commonwealth, Glen Forest
Mr. Boyd Smith, RE/MAX Commonwealth, Alverser
Ms. Dianne Stanley, RE/MAX Signature, Chamberlayne
Ms. Jacquelyn Waters, RE/MAX Commonwealth, Alverser
Mr. Rene Welvaert, RE/MAX Today
Ms. Mary Ann White, RE/MAX Signature, River's Bend

2017 Miracle Offices:

RE/MAX Today
RE/MAX Commonwealth, Glen Forest
RE/MAX Commonwealth, Alverser
RE/MAX Signature, River’s Bend
RE/MAX Signature, Chamberlayne