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International Taekwondo Team Showcases Skills

Taekwondo demonstrations by the national collegiate Korean demonstration team raised nearly $2,670 for Children’s Hospital Foundation last fall. Organized by Dynamic Taekwondo in Chesterfield and held Oct. 14 at the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen, the event included two afternoon demonstrations by the team from South Korea.

“Dynamic Taekwondo caters to children,” said Nicole Acquista, business manager. “We have more than 100 children in our afterschool program, some of whom have autism, ADHD and other learning disabilities. It was only appropriate for our event to raise money for kids.”

The first-time event raised funds through donations and more than 700 ticket sales.

“It was great for our kids to see a higher level of skill as demonstrated by the high-caliber team from Korea,” said Nicole. “Our students and families reacted very positively. We couldn’t have asked for more generous supporters.”