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If a healthy pregnancy and delivery matter, this shot matters

Dedrain Davis Dedrain Davis, public affairs coordinator, VCU Health

Instead of dabbling in online rumors and verbal hearsay, Davis conducted her own COVID research.

“I worked with my doctor, and we talked about my lifestyle. I’ve just always thought the risk of getting COVID was higher than the risk of the vaccine,” she said.

Davis, who is expecting her second child this summer, got her vaccination earlier this year after her OB/GYN said it was safe. The FDA and CDC have found no safety concerns regarding the COVID-19 vaccine and pregnancy.

This shot matters to her because it keeps her family safe. For her 3-year old son, Taj, the vaccine opens up a whole world for him to explore. For Davis’ parents, in Minnesota, they can safely visit this summer to welcome a new grandchild.

“But what made getting the shot more urgent is that young people were being hospitalized with COVID, and Black people were dying from COVID,” she said. “And being both of those kind of upped the urgency for me.”

Davis said she respects the right of pregnant women to make their own choice regarding vaccination.

“I think this is one of those times in history and health where it's not just a blanket recommendation for everybody,” she said. “You really weigh a lot of personal factors and lifestyle factors as a pregnant woman. But I think after doing the research and considering your lifestyle and family, and noticing how many people are going out into the world who are vaccinated and still healthy, I would recommend getting the vaccine if your doctor thinks it's OK for you.

“I've had no issues. My baby is healthy and moving. We're on track for a healthy delivery,” she said. “I just wouldn't want a pregnant woman to be worried about fighting off COVID on top of all the other concerns that come with being pregnant. And being pregnant in a pandemic is a huge thing in and of itself. That can be really heavy. Taking the vaccine has given me that extra layer of comfort.”

To get vaccinated, go to vaccinate.virginia.gov. To read more stories like this, visit vcuhealth.org/thisshotmatters.