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CMH Auxiliary Awards 2018


If you’ve ever been inside a hospital—as a patient, family member, or friend—you’ve probably been assisted by an Auxilian. Perhaps he or she helped you make a selection in the gift shop . . . or gave you directions to a patient’s room . . .or comforted you as you waited to hear the outcome of a loved one’s surgery. 

VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital in South Hill is fortunate to have the wonderful support of a large team of volunteers through the Hospital's Auxiliary.  VCU Health CMH volunteers provide service, support and good cheer for patients, visitors and staff, and help complete the hospital community.

Perhaps in no other industry is volunteering more vital than in health care.  Each year, these dedicated volunteers make valuable contributions to VCU Health CMH through countless hours of service to patients and the hospital with donations that strengthen health care services for the community. 

The Auxiliary's mission is to advance the welfare of the hospital.  With a membership of 170 members, these dedicated volunteers donated 22,281 hours of service to patients and the hospital over the past year.  

The Auxiliary holds fund-raisers throughout the year to help support its programs and services. Their main source of funds is from the “Fish Bowl” Gift Shop.  Each year, the Auxiliary makes a generous donation to the Hospital on behalf of its fundraising efforts. During their Annual Awards Luncheon held recently, outgoing Auxiliary President, Nancy Bradshaw, reported on their accomplishments for the past year and presented VCU Health CMH CEO, W. Scott Burnette with a $47,000 check. This donation is the third installment of the Auxiliary’s $225,000 pledge to VCU Health CMH’s “Healthcare for Life” capital campaign.  

During the banquet, new officers were installed and members were awarded pins and certificates for the number of hours of service to the Hospital.  Also the special “Lou Saunders Award of Excellence” was given.

VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital Auxiliary 2018/2019 Officers –  Ruth Reams, President; Kenny Pitts, First Vice President; Linda McNabb, Second Vice President; Becky Waters, Treasurer; Nancy Bradshaw, Recording Secretary; Jean Zembower, Corresponding Secretary

Joyce Tudor was awarded the Lou Saunders Award of Excellence, the Auxiliary’s highest honor.  The Lou Saunders award was established in 2010 and named after longtime CMH Auxiliary volunteer, Lou Saunders. Joyce is a past President of the CMH Auxiliary and she currently serves on the Auxiliary Board as Historian and Mecklenburg County Co-Coordinator. Joyce also volunteers at the information desk. She recently served on the CMH Foundation’s Capital Campaign Committee raising funds for the C.A.R.E. Building.

 New Auxiliary Members - Bonnie Johnston, Lily Atkinson, Dorothy Minter-Saunders, Will Woodall, Trevor Kidd, Keith Ellis, Tom Watters, Sandra Burch, Mabel Wood, Carolyn Wagoner; NOT PICTURED: Patricia Buebendorf, Judy Echard, Shayna Kendall-Maxey, Sandy Mechalske, Zahra Murtaza, Tammy Oakes, Joyce Bagley Pinkney, Heather Raum, Matthew Rodriguez, Frances Tuck, Richard Watson

6,600 – 13,500 HOURS OF SERVICE – June Meyer, 13,000; Virginia Lucy, 11,000; Sylvia Lambert, 13,500; Anne Cole, 8,300; Lois White, 8,000; Charlene Gray, 8,500; Sandra Gainer, 7,000; NOT PICTURED: Delphine Harris, 6,600; Shirley Carrillo, 10,400

3,300 – 6,400 HOURS OF SERVICE – Marlene Reinders, 4,100; Gerry Nash, 6,400; Ann Gauchat, 6,000; Joyce Tudor, 5,400; Ruth Reams, 4,500; Leanna Jones, 4,200; Barbara Fife, 3,800; Hattie Baird, 3,300; NOT PICTURED: Deborah Wilson, 3,500; Brigitte Eberle, 4,500; Brenda Roberts, 5,400; Shirley Huested, 6,000

 2,000 – 3,000 HOURS OF SERVICE – Dorothy Williams, 2,900; Belle Jones, 2,700; Dottie Collins, 2,500; Sylvia Solari, 2,900; Roger Pendergrass, 3,000; Rebecca Waters, 2,500; Nancy Bradshaw, 2,000; Edna Jones, 2,500

1,000 – 1,900 HOURS OF SERVICE – Ann Allman, 1,900; Jean Zembower, 1,500; Janet Morris, 1,500; Pat Adams, 1,500; Gladys Jenerette, 1,100; Larry Minter, 1,900; Mary Werber, 1,300; Ann Jones, 1,200; Kenneth Pitts, 1,000; Brenda Curtis, 1,000; NOT PICTURED: Carmen Cornely-Clarke, 1,100; Mary Carter, 1,500; Sharon Watson, 1,500

 500 – 900 HOURS OF SERVICE – Doris Turner, 900; Brenda Cahoon, 600; Ruth Griggs, 700;  Sharon Carter, 500; Linda McNabb, 900; Margaret Waller, 700; Suzanne Creek, 500; Billie Wells, 700; Barbara Heagran, 700; NOT PICTURED: Phyllis Beasley, 600; Dick Smith, 600; Judith Moody, 800; Sadie Simmons, 800; Vicky Walker, 800

100 – 400 HOURS OF SERVICE – Linda Gage, 400; Fran Steiert, 300; Jane Stringer, 200; Clare Williams, 200; Tom Watters, 100; Willis Woodall, 100; Darleen Ferguson, 100; Carolyn Wagoner, 100; Jean Houston, 200; NOT PICTURED: Shari Beale-Hasenmueller, 100; Fannie Echard, 100; Sandy Mechalske, 100; Frances Tuck, 100