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Sharing Your MyChart Record

Have you ever picked up your medical record at one clinic, just to bring it to another doctor? Or asked the family doctor to fax, yes, fax, a document to your new specialist? MyChart makes it easy to share your medical information with everyone who helps provide your care. Most of your health care providers probably already have secure access to your health information, but let's say your chiropractor doesn't have access to your chart. Use the "Share Everywhere" feature within MyChart for one-time access.

From your phone or computer, log into MyChart and find, "Share My Record," by searching the "Menu," or, at the bottom of your home page. "Request Share Code," enter the name of your recipient, and you'll receive a one-time code to share with them. As long as the recipient knows your birthdate and can access, "," they can see your record. Worried about security? Your recipients access lasts only for this one session.

You've seen how to share your record with others, but there might be situations where you need continual access to someone else's medical record. Let's say your mom was just overwhelmed with a big diagnosis and could use help managing her care. You don't want to bother her for an access code every day or ask her for her MyChart password. Instead, ask your mother to give you "Proxy Access" to her account. Your mom can invite friends and family by selecting, "Share My Record," from the main menu, or, from the "Explore More" section below her health feed. From here, she'll invite someone, enter some basic details, and send you the invite. When you receive the invitation email, click the link, provide your mom's date of birth, and accept the "Proxy Invitation." 

But what exactly is "Proxy Access?" If you're a "Proxy," from your MyChart account, you have access to your mom's health record, and her notifications show up in your feed. When you select a notification, you can view the details and take action on your mom's behalf. If there's something you need to look at that's not in your feed, like a full medication list, you can switch between charts by selecting your mom's photo. In your moms’ chart, you can manage new appointments for her, order prescription refills, send a new message to her care team, browse all her test results, and more, just like you would for yourself.

If you have "Proxy Access" for your kids too, you can stay on top of everyone's Wellness in the same place. Color coding and customizable photos help you easily identify whose record you're viewing. Whether you're just down the street, or on the other side of the world, use 'Share Everywhere" or "Proxy Access" to manage care for yourself and the people you love.

How do I get “Proxy Access” for my kids?

Parents/guardians can gain “proxy access” to their child’s health information through MyChart. Proxy access allows you to view and manage certain medical information on behalf of your child. Your level of access to the portal depends on your child’s age. Learn more about child and teen proxy access

If you have other questions about Proxy Access or need help, please contact our Health Information Management Department at (804) 828-4423.

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