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Mohammed A Quader, MD

Mohammed A Quader, MD

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Cardiothoracic Surgery


Ambulatory Care Center
417 N. 11th Street
Richmond, VA 23219

VCU Medical Center Main Hospital
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Medical School

Kakatiya Medical College


Yale University School of Medicine


Cleveland Clinic


Performing any and every heart surgery with care, compassion — and confidence.

After more than two decades of experience as a heart surgeon, Dr. Mohammad Quader has seen it all and certainly possesses the skills required to perform any possible heart surgery procedure. But what truly sets a cardiothoracic surgeon apart, he says, begins at the bedside.

“When I walk in the room and meet my patient for the first time, I want them to be reassured that everything humanly possible will be provided to them while they are under my care,” says Dr. Quader, surgical director of the heart transplantation program at VCU Health Pauley Heart Center. “I want them to know that I care for them and also for their family. Being a good heart surgeon means being sincere, caring, confident, and showing humanity.”

And, to be sure, it absolutely requires significant education and skill. Dr. Quader is part of a highly specialized complex cardiac surgery team at Pauley Heart Center, treating patients from all walks of life, from every corner of the Commonwealth.

He is a specialist in high-risk heart surgeries, and performs both open-heart and minimally invasive procedures. Which particular surgeries? All of them: for advanced heart failure, coronary bypass, atrial fibrillation, valve repairs, or inserting mechanical circulatory support devices. He has additional subspecialty training in heart valve surgery and transplantation, and is called upon regularly by Pauley Heart Center to perform heart transplantations.

“At VCU, we are expanding the horizons of offering heart transplantation as an option to patients who were otherwise not considered candidates for heart transplantation,” he says.

Yet even with his advanced knowledge of the heart, Dr. Quader admits that he doesn’t know everything about the human body – which is why he and every physician at VCU Health collaborate regularly to provide multi-disciplinary, individualized care to each patient.  “At VCU, every member of the team brings their own expertise and works in collaboration to bring the best out of one other, and in turn contribute to the well-being of our patients,” he says.

And when the personalized plan is in place, and the day of surgery arrives, Dr. Quader gives every patient his undivided attention. “Heart surgeries are long procedures, and some of them go on for over 12 hours,” he says. “To endure both physical and emotional toil, one has to take care of themselves. I do pay attention to taking care of myself so that I can give 100 percent of my energy and efforts to patients.”

And when it’s over: “It gives me a tremendous satisfaction to help another human being, especially when they are very ill and are in need of very special surgical skills to make them better,” he says.

Advice to patients: “Not everything that happens to a human body is under our control. However, when you do see an opportunity that is in your control, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or obesity, do acknowledge ownership and work with the medical team to do your part. Change comes only after acknowledging a need to change. Set up small and practical goals to achieve; in time, the results will become the driving force to excel on that path.”

Research Interests

Understanding the damage to the heart that happens at the subcellular level, which can be amenable to intervention. He and his team are working to preserve hearts outside of the body for a longer duration to facilitate more heart transplantations. “I constantly search for ways to do things better,” he says. You can read some of his research work on NCBI’s website here.

Clinical Interests

Adult cardiac surgery
Advanced heart failure surgery
Mechanical circulatory support devices
Heart transplantation
High-risk cardiac surgery
Minimally invasive heart surgery
Atrial fibrillation surgery
Coronary bypass surgery
Valve repairs

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Ambulatory Care Center

417 N. 11th Street
Richmond, VA 23219

VCU Medical Center Main Hospital

1250 E. Marshall Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Ratings & Reviews

110 Ratings

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I was happy with visit. After visit I realized I needed to know more and needed to talk with the doctor again but getting that opportunity in time may be difficult.
August 2021
I was there for a 2nd opinion for an upcoming surgery and Dr. Quader was very knowledgeable and gave me his opinion about the surgery. It was very well informed and I appreciate his candidness in our conversation.
June 2021
Very thorough in explaining every detail whether good or bad.
June 2021
Dr. Quader is a truly outstanding doctor who I would recommend to anyone.
March 2021
Dr. Quader took a lot of time and was clearly interested in me as an individual.
January 2021
Very good.
September 2020
He explained everything very well made me feel at ease.
August 2020
This doctor is exceptional!
August 2020
I am pleased he will do my heart surgery. He seems very competent and easy to talk to.
June 2020
Very professional compassionate.
January 2020
Excellent doctor.
December 2019