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Research and Clinical Trials

Team Up with Our Researchers to Propel Medicine Forward

Clinical research is about possibilities. We're doing our part to make those possibilities a reality. Not only do clinical trials give you access to advanced medical treatments before they are widely available, but you're also helping us to reinvent the meaning and the means of health care.

Learn more about our research on COVID-19 treatments and vaccines.

Find a Clinical Trial

Explore open clinical trials that are currently enrolling participants. Visit the VCU C. Kenneth and Diane Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research for more resources.

Our providers talk about their research and what it means to our patients.

Basic research is only valuable if it leads to improving lives in the community. Hear Dr. F. Gerard Moeller, director of the C. Kenneth and Dianne Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research and division chair for addiction psychiatry talk about the focus of his research in addiction.

For Dr. Arun Sanyal, Gastroenterology, the whole mission of academic institutions is to become a breeding ground for new science. Hear Dr. Sanyal speak about how participating in studies is essential to the continuation of new science and innovation.

Dr. Alpha A. Fowler III, Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine, talks about how research tweaked his imagination and the magic of high dose vitamin C in treating sepsis.

Dr. Jonathan Isaacs, Orthopaedic Surgery, talks about research as the combination of basic science, teaching and caring for patients.

The purpose of clinical research is to answer the question: can we do better? Hear Dr. Henry Rozycki, Vice Chair of Research at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, talk about what research means to him.