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Arts in Healthcare

We believe the arts play a role in the healing process. That’s why we have incorporated various visual arts, music therapy and more throughout the health system. Our arts programs are free for patients and families, and our galleries, performances and collections are meant to be enjoyed by visitors and the public.

Art Exhibitions

In support of our commitment to creating a healing environment, we maintain a vibrant art collection. Guests enjoy rotating art exhibitions in Gateway, Main Hospital, North Hospital and Stony Point 9000. You’ll also find pop-up displays – often featuring work by our providers and staff members – within different departments.

We even bring diverse, framed art right to patients in hospital rooms. Studies show that patients who have art in their rooms recover faster and use less medication.

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Music Therapy

Patients can enjoy one-on-one or group music therapy sessions. Our music therapists visit rooms throughout the VCU Medical Center to bring harmony and healing to the bedside. Ask your provider for a referral.

Lunchtime Concert Series

We host musical and theatrical performances throughout the month, as well as cultural programs.

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Visual Arts & Crafts

From one-on-one to group art lessons, our art team can help you learn a new craft or enhance your mastery. We offer lessons in many areas, including crocheting and modeling, so you can find an activity that you can enjoy for the long term.

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Our art teams make regular visits to many inpatient units. You can also ask your medical team for a referral. For more information, call (804) 828-4706.

Integrated Holistic Practice

Our certified health and wellness coordinator can improve your health with lifestyle, integrative, holistic and functional medicine. We also off different types of massage therapy. Call (804) 248-2627 to schedule a free 30-minute conversation.